Dr Amali Navaratna

GP VMO at Mt Druitt Clinic


Dr Amali Navaratna is a practicing GP in the hills district of Western Sydney. She has special interest in managing chronic diseases and providing holistic care for her patients. Over the years, she has seen the number of patients with Diabetes, prediabetes and gestational diabetes grow. The Western Sydney diabetes initiative to help enhance skills and experience of the local GPs sparked her interest as a very important and timely one.

Working as a GP VMO in the multidisciplinary team at Mt Druitt Clinic has given her vital new information and therapeutic updates on management of Diabetes in the community. She feels it is a fantastic opportunity that all GPs should grab in order to help boost their knowledge, skills and confidence to manage complex diabetic patients in the community. It will undoubtedly relieve the burden on public health system in the future.

Want to be a GP VMO at Western Sydney Diabetes' Mt Druitt clinic?

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