Western Sydney Diabetes Gateway

Digital technology is transforming the healthcare landscape by empowering patients to track, manage and improve their health, and the Western Sydney Diabetes Gateway app is at the forefront of this change. As patients can at best only see their GPs for a few hours a year, the Gateway app compliments clinical care by providing education and support for patients on a daily basis to encourage self-management of their condition. This innovative consumer portal is unique in that it links patients with the core health care system and incorporates their data into their care plans, thus improving both self and clinical management.

This is coupled with ongoing two-way communication between the patient and their GPs, allowing patients to share data updates and goals and receive results and feedback - all from their smartphone or tablet.


This app is expected to greatly benefit those in the most need especially populations that are poorly educated, have poor health literacy, and lower socio-economic backgrounds. Feedback and advice on their clinical data, including alerts to seek medical assistance, as well as reminders to update their data. This will increase compliance and improve medication use.

An added incentive is patients will be aware that their GPs are monitoring their results. Patients can use the app to receive reminders for regular checkups. The app allows the patient to receive:

  • Reminders to fulfil prescriptions at a selected time and nominated pharmacy through eRx Express.
  • Feedback on their progress towards predetermined goals, as well as management and motivational support on a regular basis will improve self-monitoring.
  • As an example, a drop off in exercise may prompt a check on whether the patient is unwell.
  • Relevant educational material specific to their condition and results will improve their health literacy.
  • Enhanced control through coordination of healthcare provider services - the ability to receive reminders on health services: from foot and eye checks, to care plans and medication management.
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