Healthy Living Options for Western Sydney 2020

Healthy Living Options for Western Sydney 2020

Healthy Living Options

Healthy Living Options is a booklet that provides alternative inexpensive or free healthy activities, classes and courses in the local area. The booklet was widely accepted by GPs, health professionals and community as a useful resource to encourage healthy living.

Due to COVID-19, many of the activities were no longer available so the challenge was to provide a list of activities that could be done safely by residents staying at home.

Healthy Living Options 2020 was developed as an online resource with new activities and substitute activities without the face-to-face contact, and were offered online or telephone-based. Activities included exercise classes, dancing lessons and at-home activities providing skills and knowledge to grow your own produce.

Clinicians report that there is a belief amongst many overweight residents that they are unable to afford healthy food. To assist in the sourcing of healthy food and in providing preparation skills, a new ‘Food’ edition of Healthy Living Options has been prepared. This booklet provides a variety of websites and local facilities for the residents to use to learn to cook, find inexpensive healthy food and even be able to ‘grow their own’.

This booklet has been designed for health professionals to use with their clients and patients to provide help and support in improving their diets and those of their families.

Local exercise programs 

  • Active Parramatta Program
  • Blacktown Aquatic Centre
  • Blacktown Leisure Centre Stanhope
  • Cumberland Council Lifelong Learning
  • Emerton Leisure Centre
  • Football NSW Walking Group
  • Heart Foundation Walking Groups
  • Ian Watsons Ride School
  • Lift for Life – Exercise Made Easy
  • Live Life Get Active
  • Mount Druitt Swimming Centre
  • NSW Active and Healthy
  • OLOC Get Yourself Moving Programs
  • parkrun
  • Parramatta Council Over 55’s Leisure and Learning
  • Reclink Australia
  • Riverstone Neighbourhood
  • Robinhood Free Outdoor Fitness
  • Waves Fitness and Aquatic Centre
  • YMCA Epping

Online programs

  • CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet
  • Make Healthy Normal
  • NHS Choices Weight Loss Pack
  • ONline Obesity Support Group
  • The Food Coach

Telephone teaching programs

  • Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service
  • The COACH Program

Face-to-face groups

  • Bilingual Community Education
  • Blacktown women’s and Girl’s Health Centre
  • Diabetes Care Blacktown
  • Diabetes NSW&ACT – Education Programs
  • Go4Fun
  • New Edge Performance
  • Optimum Health Solutions
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Program
  • Sydney Physios and Allied Health
  • Sydney West Sports Medicine
  • Western Sydney Diabetes Support Group

Dietary support

  • Box Divvy
  • Hello Fresh

Healthy catering menus

Medically based interventions

  • Boden Institute Clinical Trials
  • Eating Disorder and Obesity Pyschology Research Clinic
  • SupportMe
  • Quit Smoking Programs

Click here to read our Healthy Living Options 2020 booklet.