Enrol Patients In Integrated Care

Enrol Patients In Integrated Care

The Western Sydney Integrated Care Program (WSICP) framework aims to bring together a range of existing initiatives, programs and services to provide seamless care for people to address their healthcare needs across the primary care, community and specialist settings. The goals of the WSICP are to improve the care experience for patients, carers, families and providers, improve the health of the population and achieve better use of health resources by providing the right care in the right setting. The following services and initiatives are included –

  • Connecting Care
  • HealthOne
  • The Partnership Advisory Council with WSPHN
  • HealthPathways
  • Western Sydney Diabetes Initiative
  • Heart to Heart Program, and
  • NSW Integrated Care Demonstrator

The WSICP also partners with a range of Western Sydney PHN (WentWest) initiatives including:

  • After Hours GP Services
  • Access to Allied Psychologists Services (ATAPS)
  • Partners in Recover (PIR)
  • Close The Gap (CTG)
  • Care Coordination & Supplementary Services (CCSS)