COVID and Diabetes Forum

Over the 20 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Western Sydney Local Health District was hit hard.

But with the combined efforts of high vaccine rates, staying at home, effective contact tracing, and other COVID safe practices, we have seen a huge decline in the daily case count.

But what does the future look like?

Western Sydney Diabetes, the Western Sydney Primary Health Network – WentWest, and WSLHD’s Public Health Unit, are holding a forum for our local GPs and health professionals to discuss the changes that are now coming since we opened up on Monday to fully vaccinated people.

Hear from three health experts and join the discussion with a panel of local health experts on changes to the risk assessment matrix; contact tracing moving forward; and how to best manage your patients with diabetes and COVID.

Presenters include:

Dr Cecilia Chi, Endocrinology Staff Specialist, WSD, ICH, WSLHD

Prof Timothy Usherwood, Temporary Medical Advisor, Public Health Unit, Centre for Population Health, WSLHD

Dr Shopna Bag, Director, of Public Health, Centre for Population Health, WSLHD.

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