Type 2 Diabetes is best managed by general practice and allied health in the community, leaving the specialised hospitalised services to manage the more complex cases of type 2, type 1 and gestational diabetes. However, when the patients need specialist care or hospitalisation, the journey should be better connected. In Western Sydney, we have developed an innovative approach involving a more integrated healthcare system that includes the components described below.

The development of a health-care system that delivers better care to patients in the community supported by improved linkage with hospital-based care when needed has been a major focus. This is supported by building the eHealth systems and the capacity of healthcare workers to better manage diabetes. This is a coming together of routine healthcare with the Western Sydney Integrated Care Demonstrator project and the WSD initiative to build an enhanced model of care. This model of care is consistent with, and an exemplar for, the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) new diabetes model of care.