Responsibilities of the Prevention Alliance

Responsibilities of the Prevention Alliance

The Prevention Alliance is responsible for:

  1. Leadership and vision: Providing clinical and epidemiological updates on the prevalence of diabetes and guide efforts to reverse the epidemic. The Alliance will be responsible for making these results widely available to both the member organisations and the general community
  2. Sourcing and distributing information on initiatives that are being undertaken either locally, state wide or internationally
  3. Identifying and distributing opportunities to coordinate initiatives across various organisations and agencies to increase the scale and impact of the initiatives.
  4. Creation of working groups to address specific issues and projects
  5. Furnishing regular progress reports to partners and Alliance members
  6. Evaluating the impacts of the elements of the strategy
  7. Sourcing and communicating funding opportunities and supporting member efforts either individually or in partnerships, to gain funding for prevention implementation.
  8. Establishing methods of communication amongst members that are self- sufficient and sustainable
  9. Providing opportunities for the organisations to network and connect with one another through scheduled meetings, online presence and regular correspondence
  10. Undertaking and maintaining a member needs analysis to ensure that they remain appropriately informed and engaged.
  11. Establishing mechanisms to regularly improve and evolve the Alliance offerings to better meet the needs of the targeted communities and participant groups as milestones are achieved or as the needs of impacted stakeholders change.