Research Driving Innovation

Research Driving Innovation

Illustrative research areas


Mapping diabetes prevalence, and its complications, in relation to social and geo-physical causative factors (2016 NHMRC Project Grant to UWS)


A candidate gene for type 2 Diabetes and obesity (Glut-1) first identified in a Western Sydney family. A comprehensive assessment of gene-disease association (UWS and WSLHD)

A longitudinal cohort study of women and their babies after Gestational Diabetes, determining the factors associated with progression to type 2 Diabetes (UWS and WSLHD)


A randomized trial of diagnosis and management strategies for gestational diabetes (2016 NHMRC Project Grant to UWS)

Trial of different insulin strategies to optimize diabetes control for older patients (Sanofi Grant for Investigator initiated research)

Optimizing treatment and identifying obstetric risks for women with type 1 and type 2 Diabetes in pregnancy (WSLHD and U Sydney, PhD project, NHMRC scholar)

2 current international multi-centre trials of new diabetes drugs (Pharma sponsors)


Trialing a strategy for modification of diet and lifestyle to prevent Gestational Diabetes in our highest risk population – women of Indian Sub continental background (NNRDS Grant)

Preventing metabolic complications of cancer treatment using exercise and diabetes medication (Current UWS funded PhD project, 2016 NHMRC application)

Identifying factors that cause diabetes complicating anti-psychotic drug treatment (WSLHD and UWS)