Offering Healthy Living Options for Western Sydney

Offering Healthy Living Options for Western Sydney

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The key to turning back the clock on diabetes in Western Sydney is reducing the weight gain of the past 20 years in the general population. 

This means reducing the number of people in western Sydney who are at risk of developing diabetes. Improving the overall health and wellbeing of people is the way to stop the slide towards diabetes.

Now Western Sydney Diabetes has worked with its Alliance partners and others in the western Sydney area to identify programs that can help the whole community embrace healthy eating and exercise options on their doorstep. Too often, people feel they do not know where to turn to for advice on managing their health. The programs listed on the Western Sydney Diabetes website is not exhaustive but it is a starting point.

We understand that many people may not have extra cash to spend. Therefore, the main focus has been on programs that are either free or quite inexpensive. Some organisations offer a range of programs so there is an option to suit everyone.

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