Educational Videos for Patients

Educational Videos for Patients
What’s the Difference between T1D and T2D?
WSD staff specialists discuss: What’s the Difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?
Why do I have type 2 diabetes?
WSD staff specialists discuss what contributes to developing type 2 diabetes.
What are the complications of diabetes?
Western Sydney Diabetes explains the main serious complications of Type 2 Diabetes, including the long term health conditions.
What can I do to manage my DM? (Targets)
WSD Endocrinologist Dr Rajini Jayaballa provides tips on how patients can take control and manage their diabetes, potentially turning it around.
What is HbA1c?
WSD Endocrinologist Prof Glen Maberly explains what Haemoglobin A1c is.
What is a hypo?
WSD Endocrinologist Dr Rajini Jayaballa explains what is low blood sugar – or hypoglycaemia – and the warning signs.
Why and when should I check my BSL?
WSD Credentialed Diabetes Educator Sian Bramwell explains why it’s important to know your Blood Sugar Levels and how to keep them in range.
How do I check my BSL?
WSD Credentialed Diabetes Educator Sian Bramwell explains how to check your blood sugar levels.
Basic Dietary Advice
Western Sydney Diabetes explains what a basic healthy diet is.
Understanding Carbohydrates
Dietitian Sonia Faruquie explains how to find good carbohydrates in your food if you have diabetes.
Why is weight loss important?
WSD Prevention Manager Janine Dawson talks about the impact weight loss can have on diabetes.
How much should I eat?
Dietitian Sonia Faruquie discusses how much you should eat in a day.
How to get active
Prevention Manager Janine Dawson provides some tips and resources on getting active.
Eye care and Diabetes
Endocrinologist Dr Rajini Jayaballa explains how diabetes impacts your eyes and why you should get your eyes tested.
Foot care and Diabetes
Learn how diabetes can impact your feet. Get a regular foot check.
What is a care plan?
Learn what a care plan is when you have diabetes.
Diabetes Health Checklist
Learn what checks you can do to stay healthy when you have diabetes.
What is NDSS?
What is the National Diabetes Service Scheme and how can it help?
Sick day management
Endocrinologist Dr Rajini Jayaballa explains how diabetes impacts you when you’re not well.
Why Do I Need Insulin?
WSD Endocrinologist Dr Rajini Jayaballa explains why you might need insulin.
What do I need to know about giving insulin?
Learn the how’s, when’s and why’s on giving insulin.
How to inject insulin
WSD CDE Sian Bramwell explains how to inject insulin.
What is Lipohypertrophy?
We explain what ‘Lipo’ or Lipohypertrophy is and why it occurs.
Troubleshooting Glucose Monitor
CDE Sian Bramwell provides some tips on using your CGM.
Alcohol and Diabetes
CDE Sharon McClelland explains the impact of alcohol on diabetes.
Diabetes Distress
Do you think you have diabetes distress? Hear some tips on how to handle it.
Diabetes Medicines – an overview
WSD Endocrinologist Dr Rajini Jayaballa explains the importance of knowing your blood sugar levels.
Diabetes Medicines – DPP4 inhibitors (Gliptins)
WSD Endocrinologist Dr Rajni Jayaballa explains what DPP4 Inhibitors are.
Eating Out With Diabetes
Tips on how to watch what you’re eating when you go out.
Fear of Hypos
WSD CDE Sian Bramwell discusses the fears around ‘hypos’.
FAQ – to a Dietitian
Dietitian Amber Evans answers a few frequently asked questions.
Diabetes Medicines – GLP1 Agonist
WSD Endocrinologist Dr Rajini Jayaballa explains GLP1 Agonists.
Heart health and diabetes
WSD explains why people with diabetes are more likely to have heart problems.
How is diabetes detected?
WSD CDE Sharon McClelland explains how diabetes is detected.
How to make a healthy meal
WSD explains some healthy cooking and meal tips.
HBSL or hyperglycaemia
WSD CDE Sian Bramwell explains high blood sugar levels – or hyperglycaemia.
Importance of blood pressure and diabetes
WSD CDE Sharon McClelland explains why you should manage your blood pressure.
Kidneys and Diabetes
WSD Endocrinologist Dr Rajini Jayaballa explains why people with diabetes have a higher risk of kidney disease.
Meal Portion Sizes
Why are portion sizes important?
Diabetes medicines – Metformin
WSD Prof Glen Maberly explains Metformin.
Diabetes and Oral health (gum disease)
WSD CDE Sian Bramwell explains the risk of diabetes and gum disease.
Diabetes and Nerve Damage in the Feet
How does diabetes effect nerve damage in the feet?
Diabetes Medicines – SGLT2
WSD Endocriniologist Dr Rajini Jayaballa explains SGLT2 medicines.
Smoking and Diabetes
CDE Sian Bramwell explains the dangers of smoking on diabetes.
Steroids and Diabetes
WSD Endocrinologist Dr Rajini Jayaballa explains why steroids make sit harder to manage diabetes.
Diabetes medicines – Sulphonylurea
Prof Glen Maberly explains the different types of SUs.
Sweeteners and Diet Drinks
Dietitian Amber Evans explains benefits of diet and sweetened drinks.
Tips on healthy snacks
Dietitian Amber Evans offers some tips on handling snacks.
Diabetes and Travel
CDE Sharon McClelland lists travel essentials.
Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy Explained
Gestational Diabetes during pregnancy explained.
Preparing for hospital and surgery
CDE Sharon McClelland lists essentials for a stay in hospital.
Diabetes and Ramadan
Dr Ahmed Hussein gives some tips for diabetes management during Ramadan.
Living with diabetes and dementia
Dr Katharine Gupta gives some helpful tips on living with dementia and diabetes.
Should I have bariatric surgery?
Endocrinologist Dr Ramy Bishay answers some questions around bariatric surgery.
Can my diabetes ever go away?
Dr Katharine Gupta explains why some people can go into diabetes remission.
Diabetes and Sleep
WSD CDE Sian Bramwell gives tips to help sleeping well.
Food labels
Dietitian Amber Evans tells you what to look for on labels.
How does physical activity help manage my diabetes?
Dr Abdullah Sukar explains why physical activity can help.
Men and sexual health
Dr Ahmed Hussein explains how diabetes impacts men’s sexual health.
Diabetes and stroke
Why you are more likely to have a stroke if you have diabetes.
Not feeling your hypos
CDE Sian Bramwell explains the dangers of Hypo Unawareness.
Diabetes and Driving
The dangers of driving with diabetes explained by CDE Sharon McClelland.
Diabetes and Fatty Liver
Why you are more likely to have trouble with your liver.
Diabetes and Pregnancy
Why you can have diabetes and a healthy pregnancy.
Coping with Diabetes
Tips on helping you cope with the news you have diabetes.
What is cholesterol?
WSD explains why you should have regular cholesterol checks.
How can your pharmacist help you?
Why pharmacists are important members of your health care team.
Diabetes and Hearing
CDE Sian Bramwell explains how diabetes affects your hearing.
Why you should take your medicines
Dr Abdullah Sarker explains the importance of taking your medicines.
How does stress affect your diabetes?
Dr Ahmed Hussein explains why stress impacts your diabetes.
Diabetes and Depression
Signs you might have depression.
Intermittent fasting and diabetes
Dr Ramy Bishay gives some examples of fasting.
Healthy Living Options
Learn more about the Healthy Living Options booklets from Aruni Ratnayake.
Who is Western Sydney Diabetes?
Learn more about us.
Telehealth Guide for Patients
How does telehealth work with WSD?
Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) for weight loss
What is VLCD?
Anxiety and diabetes
Signs you may have anxiety around your diabetes.
Demonstration of Easy Exercises
Help manage your BSL with easy exercises.
Demonstration using Free Weights
Doing simple exercises using weights can help manage your diabetes.
Diabetes and COVID-19
How do you manage your diabetes if you get COVID-19.
Gestational Diabetes (GDM)
Dr Rajini Jayaballa explains the risks of GDM.
How can a psychologist help me?
Why you should reach out for support if you’re struggling with your diabetes.
How can an Exercise Physiologist help me?
Learn which physical activity can you help you best thanks to an exercise physiologist.
How do I give my Byetta?
CDE Sian Bramwell provides Information on the medicine Byetta.
How do I give my Ozempic?
CDE Sharon McClelland explains the medicine Ozempic.
How do I give my Trulicity?
CDE Sian Bramwell explains the medicine Trulicity.
How much fruit can I eat if I have diabetes?
The pros and cons of fruit on diabetes.
How to inject insulin using an Innolet device
CDE Sian Bramwell explains.
How to safely dispose of sharps
Why you should dispose of sharps carefully.
How to safely store insulin
Why you should store insulin safely.
Is a Keto diet safe when you have diabetes?
Pros and cons of the Keto diet.
Know your insulins
We explain the 3 different types of insulin.
Medicines to control mood and diabetes
Having a mental illness can make it hard to manage your diabetes.
Telehealth and my diabetes care
Benefits of using telehealth to manage your diabetes care with WSD.
Telehealth guide for GPs
A guide for GPs using telehealth with WSD.
What exercises can I do if I have trouble walking?
Some ideas to help you still exercise.
What is a Glucogen Hypokit?
CDE Sharon McClelland explains how to use a Glycogen hypokit in emergency situations.
What is CGM?
Dr Rajini Jayaballa explains Continuous Glucose Monitoring.
What is Pre-diabetes?
WSD explains pre-diabetes.
What shoes should I wear if I have diabetes?
What shoes are suitable to protect your feet if you have diabetes.
Where can I find information about diabetes in my language?
How to find information in your language.