The Core Team

The Program Lead manages a core team who work on a full-time basis to support the work of WSD including the clinical interface between the hospital and community.

This includes the Coordinator WSD, Prevention Program Manager, Community Diabetes Nurse Consultant, Community Advanced Trainee Endocrine Registrar Blacktown and Mt Druitt Hospital (BMDH), RMO Diabetes BMDH and Public Health Scientist (Wollongong University).

This team is part of the Integrated Health Portfolio in the LHD and report to the Director of Integrated Health and Chair of Medicine BMDH.The WSD core team meet monthly with a similar core team at WentWest lead by Business Development and Program Director and Primary Health Care Manager.

Prof Glen Maberly

Senior Endocrinologist and Program Lead, Western Sydney Diabetes

Sumathy Ravi

Western Sydney Diabetes Initiative Coordinator

Janine Dawson

Western Sydney Diabetes Prevention Program Manager

Dr Rajini Jayaballa

Endocrinologist/Staff Specialist (Community Diabetes)

Sian Bramwell

Community Diabetes Nurse Consultant

Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz

ACHSM Management Intern

Dr Ramy Bishay

Senior Endocrine Registrar (Community)

Jonathan Otero

Administration Officer

Nicholas Lyons

Resident Medical Officer (RMO)

Sharon McClelland

Community Diabetes Nurse Consultant

PHN Western Sydney Diabetes NSW NSW Health